Contact information

The location of the company: Russia, 142771, Moscow, street of Admiral Kornilov (p. Mosrentgen), possession 28.

Tel/Fax: +7 495 775-27-96
Tel./Fax: +7 495 745-74-34
Postal address: 117465, Moscow, subscription box №7
Our legal address: 142301, city of Chekhov, Moscow region. Vishnevyi Bulvar, 8

Address e-mail:,,

When contacting the CJSC "ARTSOK" please indicate your contact information (name, phone, e-mail address) and company name. Otherwise, Your letter may not be considered without cause.

 Navitel: N55º 36.338 E37º 27.691

 Garmin: Широта: 55°36'21.35"N(55.60593) Долгота: 37°27'38.7"E (37.460751)

Посмотреть на карте Москвы


  By public transport:

 1) metro station TYOPLY Stan, last carriage from the centre, 600 taxis that stop on demand "Stroitrans"

 2) the metro station TYOPLY Stan, the first car from the center, taxi 504, drive to the final stop of taxis, pass on the go bus to bright orange-red of the building "HOUSE of BREAD" and turn left, pass our territory on the left side of the road.