1. MGP-16. Capacity 2-100 liters

2. MGP-35. Capacity 60-100 liters

3. MGP-50. Capacity 60-140 liters

Are designed for long term storage and release of gaseous fire extinguishing agents (GOTV):

Freon 125, Freon 227ea, Freon С318, Freon 23, carbon dioxide (СO2), nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar), and mixtures thereof. The units have electric, pneumatic and manual starting, explosionproof construction 1Ex e mb llC T6 Gb for rooms of class V-1a, V-1g as per the Rules of Electrical Equipment Installation and lower, marine, atomic and horizontal constructions.

Modules can be installed in an upright position or horizontal position.

Modules are used for fighting fires of class A, В and С and electrical equipment energized.

MGP systems are used for fire protection facilities and production equipment in the plant upon bulk and local fire fighting.

Тo protect offices and server rooms as a part of self-contained and centralized gas fire suppression systems for local and vast extinguishing.

The decrease in MGP-16 overall dimensions (2-10 liters capacity) allows placing them in small quantity and using them for extinguishing control panels and cabinets, as well as expensive equipment.

The service life of MGP systems is - 30 years (the 1st re-examination of cylinders is in 10 years)

Anti seismic stands with mass-balance weights

For MGP-16 filled with СO2 and for MGP-35 filled with Freon 23 used for constant control over the gas leak, which should not exceed 5% of the filled quantity. Stands of the seismic-proof construction are designed to be used in seismic areas (9 MSK 64). The number of units in a stand varies from 1 to 10. Mass-balance weights are of mechanical or electronic (strain sensors) construction. Supply voltage is 12-24 V. Electronic units have explosion-proof construction 0ExiaIICT6X.

MGP Systems Specifications
1. Operating pressure range, MPa:
MGP-16 3.92 - 19.6
MGP-35 3.92 - 19.6
MGP-50 2.35 - 6.37
2. Electrical starting parameters:
OС voltage, V from 20 to 27
From 11 to 13
Current load, A from 0.45 to 0.55
From 0,9 to 1,1
Time of applied voltage, not less, sec 2.0
3. Operating pressure
at pneumatic starting, not less, МPa 0.78
4. Environment temperature during operation, 0C
with Freons, inert gases and their from -30 to +55
with СO2 from -20 to +55