In order to reduce the cost of fire protection in large facilities (> 2,000 m3) ARTSOK has developed technical evidence and manufactured a new type of modules for fire extinguishment - Isothermic Units for Liquid Carbon dioxide.

For the first time in world practice for a similar type of equipment, Isothermic Units introduced two innovations.

Firstly, its operation is based on releasing a specific dose of СO2 determined either by time or mass.

Secondly, Isothermic Units сan operate at high and low temperatures (from -50С up to +50С) and can be installed indoors or outdoors (under a shed).

These innovating technical solutions are protected bу patents for inventions.

ARTSOK manufactures and supplies Isothermic modules for liquid C02 since 1998. From the beginning of production until now, тore than 150 systems have been delivered at various sites in Russia and abroad.

The range capacity is 3-15 m3 of Liquid Carbon Dioxide and one system can extinguish an area up to 15000 m3, The comparatively low price of the Isothermic Unit allows expanding the usage of its application. It is financially sound to use such systems in places where earlier water and foam fire suppression units were used.

Isothermic Units emerge in vertical and/or horizontal storage tanks with pumps, furnace heating oil, road and rail loading rack and have been widely used for fire protection of:

  • Compressor Stations in the fields of transportation and natural gas production
  • Premises of warehouses and archives of the Central Bank of Russia in different cities
  • In many production projects such as: transportation, processing and storage of petroleum and petroleum products
  • In storage facilities and processing of chemical products, paint rooms of several railway factories and Nuclear and Electric Power Stations in Russia and abroad