JSC «ARTSOK» is a modern Russian company, founded in October 1992. Today «ARTSOK» is considered as the leader in the field of development and manufacturing of modern solutions of gas fire extinguishing systems.

JSC «ARTSOK»  is the first company in the world whose specialists have developed, scientifically proved and implemented a gas automatic fire extinguishing system to protect fuel tanks.

JSC «ARTSOK» has got a professional experience in the field of firefighting. The company has the latest equipment and its technical requirements are much higher than in other foreign and Russian manufacturers. All products of our company are certified and have a wide scope of accreditation.


JSC «ARTSOK» is a developer and manufacturer of the following products:


  • Gas fire extinguishing modules MGP-16, MGP-35 and MGP-50, with a capacity of cylinders up to 140 liters, designed for storage and release of gas extinguishing agents permitted for use;
  • Isothermic Modules For Liquid Carbon Dioxide (MIJU) with a capacity of 3 m³ to 28 m³;
  • FIRE ALARM Control panels(AIST) are designed to control automatic fire extinguishing installations and fire alarms;
  • Distributing Devices for gas fire extinguishing systems (RUA) of a centralized type in order to ensure the delivery of the extinguishing agent in the required direction. Devices are manufactured with a nominal diameter Du: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 150 and 200 mm for operating pressure of 6.37 MPa, 14.7 MPa and 19.6 MPa;
  • Gas Fire Extinguishing Equipment for Ships/Naval vessels etc;
  • Racks with weighing devices (electronic or mechanical) for modules;
  • Ramps (single-row and double-row) for fastening MGP;
  • Nozzles;
  • Hermetic Reserve Valves (OKG);
  • Wall supports for mounting MGP;
  • Non-standard equipment for installation of gas fire extinguishing systems;
  • Pipe connections and other components required for the installation of gas fire extinguishing systems.