CJSC "ARTSOK", a worldwide recognized leading Russian company in the field of automatic fire fighting suppression, was founded in October 1992.

Based on the strong science background, the great experience and expertise of the owner Mr.Merkulov in the field of gas fire suppression systems, ARTSOK evolved through the years, and managed to establish into a leading company in Russian with a market share exceeding 50%.

ARTSOK has the full control and super vision of its production. The company processes the pillow raw material to machinery and equipment in modern owned premises, in an area of more than 10000 square meters.

Today the number of employees in the company exceeds 150 persons, including 2 Professors candidates of science and excellent qualified staff of several fields, like electronics, metallurgists, platers, welders, chemists, fire fighters and other specialists.

ARTSOK produces different kinds of gas suppression units with the capacity to supply systems that corresponds between 200 and 400 fire stations per month. The company can produce more than 1000 modules per month to be used in the Russian market and abroad.

At present, alongside with its head offices and main production department located in Moscow, ARTSOK maintains an expanded network with offices in Russia and abroad.

The excess of quality and high results satisfy hundreds of our clients, who have extended the usage of our products to nuclear power and electric stations, navy and marine, the oil and petrochemical sector, telecommunications and manу other fields.

ARTSOK gas suppression systems are certified with the invented Patents certificate and ARTSOK is committed to provide a quality warranty period of 3 years (5 years for Navy ships).

Since 1995, ARTSOK is the evidence of innovating design and master of serial mass production of gas fire suppression units (MGP). MGP units are the best in the world compared with similar equipment, produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers. The innovating types of the modules are used to store and release all allowed gas fire extinguishing substances.

In 2000, ARTSOK became the first company in the field of U automatic fire suppression that gained an ISO 9001:1996 International Quality Certificate. Nowadays the quality management system, certified in 2003 by an independent European body, BVQI, is in full conformity with ISO 9001:2008.

ARTSOK has certified its products to meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) and obtained CE Mark.

The warranty period of ARTSOK services covers 3 years, for Navy ships — 5 years.

The products of ARTSOK meet the requirements of: ARTSOK's Certifications and Awards
  • The Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation on strength and seismic resistance (GOST RV 20.39.304-98 and GOST RV 20.57.305-98)
  • The Navy on vibration and impact resistance (OST V 5R.4346-93 and OST V 5R.4347-93)
  • The Ministry of Atomic Energy for seismic resistance, vibration and impact resistance during transportation
  • The Gosgortechnadzor (the Mining and Technical Inspection) allowing it to be used at particularly dangerous sites.
  • Fire safety certificates
  • Certificates of conformance.
  • Type Approval Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • The permit of Gosgortechnadzor to use the equipment at chemical, oil-and-gas producing and other plants that deal with handling or storing explosives, inflammable and toxic materials and mixtures
  • Gold Signs:
    "All-Russia Mark (III Millennium)" and "Quality of the XXI Century"
  • Medals and diplomas from International and Regional exhibitions