Installation supervision and commissioning works; Maintenance

Is a complex of production operations that ensure the installation of pre-made equipment and materials, their fastening, connection and switching in accordance with the project(plan).

All equipment produced by JSC «ARTSOK» are considered the main one for the installation of automatic fire extinguishing and can be put into operation only after the assembly and installation of its separate parts. Therefore, it is necessary to make electrical installation before commissioning.

A very important stage in construction is installation of fire protection equipment as it requires highly qualified personnel from the assembly organization.

The reliability of fire extinguishing systems depends not only on the quality of the equipment used, but also on the installation process itself, which in its turn involves a number of separate operations or stages.

 We do present a full range of works on the installation and maintenance of the produced (manufactured) equipment which includes:

  • installation and commissioning works of automatic gas fire extinguishing installations on the basis of MGP and PPKPU «AIST».
  • installation and commissioning of MGP, MIJU and PPKPU «AIST».
  • maintenance and inspection of installations and individual equipment at any stage of operation.

Our experts have extensive experience in installation, supervision and commissioning.