Gas Fire Extinguishing Modules (MGP)

Gas Fire Extinguishing Modules (MGP)

Modules are produced from the first year of foundation of the enterprise and have a capacity of cylinders up to 140 liters.

The module consists of a cylinder, a stop-trigger device (ZPU) and a siphon pipe.

The shut-off and start-up device provides storage and release of gas extinguishing agents with the help of electric, pneumatic and manual start.

A wide range of sizes allows us to use all types available of extinguishing agents. The structure of MGP and shut-off devices is protected by a number of patents.

Presented single used modules are of specific use of type I.

The assigned service life of MGP is 30 years and it is determined by the service life of the cylinder used. The designated lifetime of MGP is determined by the term of the next technical survey, established by the designer of the cylinder. Assigned number of activation of shut-off device is at least 30 times.

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