Warranty and post-warranty services

Unfortunately, during the process of product operation, customers can face the failure of nodes and parts(details). According to «ARTSOK» JSC statistics and researches, 90% of cases are usually caused by the lack of proper maintenance of products, rather than manufacturing defects.

JSC «ARTSOK» guarantees the compliance of the products to the requirements of state standards, technical conditions, design, technological and operational documentation for products of a certain type.

To carry out warranty repairs, you should observe the following conditions:

  • Regular maintenance in accordance with operational documentation for products of a certain type;
  • Availability of proper grades in service book;
  • Warranty period which is specified in the operational documentation for products of specific types;
  • The warranty applies to repair or replacement of parts(details) recognized as defective by the company «ARTSOK». It is important to point out that the parts and components which are removed and replaced under warranty are usually transferred to JSC «ARTSOK»;
  • Warranty of «ARTSOK» JSC does not apply to details that are subject to intense natural wear and tear (for example, MGP manometer);
  • «ARTSOK» JSC undertakes to repair or replace parts of products free of charge during the warranty period, subject to Customer's observance, regulations, operation, maintenance, transportation and storage;
  • JSC «ARTSOK» does not accept claims after the expiry of the warranty period or in the case of absence of documentation for products;
  • JSC «ARTSOK» can make changes in the design(structure) and production, preserving its main operational parameters(features).

Product maintenance:

The aim of product maintenance is a set of measures aimed at guaranteed performance of the product through maintaining operational characteristics, extending service life, reducing of possible emergencies and economic losses which are connected with repair and downtime of the product.

  • Equipment Maintenance is a system of preventive measures for manhandling, supervision and diagnostic, conducted in a planned and timely manner;
  • Maintenance must be carried out during operation process and storage. Types, frequency, content and technological sequence of works on maintenance can be found in operational documentation for products of specific types;
  • Maintenance is carried out by a specialized organization licensed for this type of activity in the presence of specially trained personnel;
  • Personnel who carry out maintenance, should be certified for this type of work and should know the principle of its operation. The necessary condition is the completion of the log(book) of technical maintenance of products;
  • Products should be placed taking into account the ease of care for use of it, observation, use, and also to achieve the best visibility;
  • While operating, storing, maintaining, testing and repairing products, you have to observe the safety requirements for the product according to the Regulations established in the Russian Federation and the technical documentation.

Post-warranty service:

Thanks to many years of experience of the employees of  JSC «ARTSOK» related to the production and operation of gas fire extinguishing systems, as well as the availability of its own production base, our company can offer a full range of services related to post-warranty servicing of its own production.

We do service not only products with expired warranty period, but also products with identified non-conformances for the period of post-warranty operation.

Spare parts are manufactured at our own production sites. This gives us an opportunity to eliminate faults in a short time.

Carrying out after-sales service in JSC «ARTSOK», you receive the following advantages:

  • Additional product warranty;
  • Short work execution time;
  • Qualified repair and diagnostics;
  • Technical support;
  • Original spare parts.

 In order to ensure reliable and long-lasting work of products manufactured by our company we recommend:

  • Observe the rules for transportation, installation, operation, storage and maintenance in accordance with the requirements stated in the product's operating manual;
  • Do not carry out replacement or repair of parts and components of products without consulting with JSC «ARTSOK»;
  • Use only original spare parts;
  • Do not exceed the permissible operating parameters of the products;
  • Do not make changes in the construction of the product;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • In case of placing a product malfunction, you should inform us about it for making necessary decisions.