Control panels for extinguishing systems (AIST)

Control panels for extinguishing systems (AIST)

Control panels for extinguishing systems PPKPU-4/16 «AIST» is designed to control automatic fire extinguishing installations and fire alarm systems.

PPKPU 4/16 provides high reliability of fire detection, continuous 24-hour monitoring of the status of addressable devices.


PPKPU 4/16 provides the following types of fire protection:

  • Module automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • Centralized automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire alarm
  • Combined type of protection.

AIST is constructed/designed according to the functional-modules address structure and consists of PPKPU 4/16 and functional address devices.

Each address device is connected to the signal line of communication PPKPU 4/16 and performs strictly defined functions.


Addressing devices PPKPU 4/16:

  • Fire extinguishing device UPT - performs the functions of protecting one zone, both in modular and in centralized installations of automatic fire extinguishing. It manages 3 fire alarm loops, weighing device, pressure alarm, automatic mode recovery buttons and remote start. It controls the start-up of the module fire extinguishing system, light and sound notification and engineering equipment, in accordance with the fire-fighting documentation.
  • Stationary device UST - performs control functions of 8 fire extinguishing station start-up devices, with the possibility of their configuration.
  • Remote control device UDU - performs the functions of controlling Distributing Devices in centralized fire extinguishing installations or by controlling engineering equipment in a fire alarm system.
  • Fire alarm device UPS - performs the functions of fire alarm. Controls 4 fire alarm loops.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of fire alarm loops controlled by the device - up to 256
  • The number of fire extinguishing zones controlled by the device is up to 16
  • IP Degree of protection - IP 54

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