A wide range of applications for the protection of premises and equipment have now received automatic gas fire extinguishing systems. The use of new fire extinguishing compounds, the special features of the equipment used, the features of the facility do require the constant improvement of the skills of specialists in manufacturing, installing and maintenance facilities of organizations.

Based on our production experience, we always ready to offer our to Customer individual seminars. Seminars are conducted by the employees of JSC «ARTSOK» who already have practical experience in the following areas: 

  • Engineering(project docs) of automatic gas fire extinguishing systems AUGP;
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of automatic gas fire extinguishing systems AUGP;
  • Installation of Isothermic Units For Liquid Carbon Dioxide MIJU;
  • Operation and maintenance of MIJU;
  • Refueling and repair of gas fire extinguishing modules MGP.

All seminars are free of charge, so all participants are considered as volunteers. After you have completed the program(seminars), you get special certificate of  the company «ARTSOK».  To participate, it is necessary to send an application to the company. Time of the seminar is agreed in advance.

JSC «ARTSOK» has the right to revoke the certificate in case of improper execution of works indicated therein.

(IMPORTANT! Our company is not engaged in educational activities with final issuance of documents on education.)